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Services for Strength & Personal Growth


Things You Can Get Aggressive 

Personal Training

Fitness & training services for all forms of movement & goals: weight loss, flexibility, cardiovascular health, optimized athleticism, functional movement, acute/chronic injury recovery, mental health & more!

4 sessions - $280

6 session - $390

10 sessions - $600

Life Coaching

Build Core Resiliency Skills missed  from experiencing a low-nurture or toxic upbringing.  Find success in all areas of your life from developing higher self worth to career, parenting & relationship improvement - find your highest potential.

1 month Life Coaching - $400

(3 month commitment minimum)

Reiki Healing

Release built up somatic pain anywhere in your body from locked or unprocessed emotions & trauma. Connect with your Chakras. Move, shift & pivot your energy with both a Reiki treatment & follow up info on how to move forward with insight discoveries for independent growth.

1 hour personal session - $82

Event booking per hour - $90

Nutrition Coaching

More than just changing your diet - change your habits! Untangle years of emotional eating, find your optimized nutrition plan & correct  health problems just through understanding how to nourish yourself!

1 month Nutrition Coaching - $300

(3 month minimum commitment)

Pregnancy & Postpartum

Mix the most up to date science with the most ancient sacred experience - pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Have a guide for fitness, nutrition & spiritual health walk beside you for support & knowledge beyond the Western Medical system to have your best journey ever.

1 month of Coaching - $300

4% discount for Surrogates

50% discount on postpartum coaching after pregnancy coaching

Holistic Healing Services

Are you seeking a program that ties all of your needs together?  You're looking for TIRO Holistic Health Consulting. Click 'Learn More' to see elevated, combined services where Julia addresses all of your needs through a functional medicine approach. 

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