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Aggressive Recovery From the Toxic Mother Daughter Bond


Beyond Damage is a book for women who are searching for recovery from dysfunctional, toxic & abusive parenting.  This book is both a memoir and a self help book. It’s also an aggressive learning curve.  It began as a tool for myself, and morphed into a desire to help others, due to the lack of effective solutions I was finding in the related literature.  I’m going to share with you my journey to a better life - a life I found beyond my mother and beyond my damage; but no longer beyond my control.

Most importantly I’m going to share the most effective tools I have come up with to rewire the brain after being raised by a mother who doesn’t know how to love.  At the beginning of my journey to find recovery, I came across a very informative literary niche. One for daughters struggling with the realization that the root of their persistent life problems was the poorly bonded (read: emotionally abusive) mothering they received.  Within this niche I found a huge absence of realistic, current or useful tools. I found these books out of my desperation to heal. I wanted tools for changing how I think & behave, how I see the world & myself and exercises I could repeatedly use when I find myself dragged back into old habits.  Instead I was bombarded with traumatic stories and endless clinical descriptions of emotionally abusive parenting with repetitively upsetting examples.

This book is for the women that understand who they are, have a firm understanding of their mother’s tortured soul and are ready to: 

Move - The - Fuck - On. 

This book’s focus is not for developing self awareness.  

Our focus is changing the self you are already aware of.  

This book is not for women who want to ‘work it out’ with their moms.

This book is for women who want to work themselves out.


This isn’t a ‘hippy dippy, take it easy, go slow’ thing. This is fierce. This book is the life hack version for women raised by emotionally abusive mothers.


We will not be opening our hearts to the universe. I will not be offering warm, fuzzy things so you can gently approach a more inclusive and holistic experience on our metaphysical plain. We will not be learning to vibrate at a higher frequency. 


This book is a Louisville slugger to a set of headlights.

This book is the shove.

It’s the push.

This book is not a path - it’s an uphill, rugged, unmarked cliff side.

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