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Prenatal Mediation

Pregnancy Coaching

Every Pregnancy Journey is Unique

By having those unique needs met we can have a pregnancy, birth & recovery that defies what the Western medical culture portrays as 'normal'.

What would happen if we actually treated our pregnancies like the ancient scared process we know it to be,

while using the most up to date science available?

What if we are striving for better? What if we want optimal?


Physical Health

Gain better understanding & advocacy for what your body is capable of throughout your pregnancy.

Spiritual Health

Learn how to get your emotional needs met to find power & joy more often throughout your pregnancy.

Nutritional Health

Find greater nourishment to elevate your physical & spiritual experience throughout your pregnancy.

I want the best!

And I want my clients to know they can have that too!

"I really believe that how women are spoken to about pregnancy & our culture's bad habits of perpetuating the stereotypes are doing women such a huge disservice. Our bodies are badass and capable of incredible things.  The information we are given while pregnant is causing more problems than it's solving. We know now that we can alter our genetic health patterns, we can biohack our way to a longer health span & we can recover & repair at any age. Pregnancy is the BEST time to do this - as well as the most important.  Women need to have a fierce support team walking along side them during this sacred time, helping them forge a path that gives them the best experience possible."


Pregnancy Coaching

4% discount for surrogates

Postpartum Coaching

-$150/month w/prior pregnancy coaching

Program Includes:
I hour on-boarding session
25 minute weekly video support calls
Full nutrition plan 
Understanding & addressing cravings
Full workout plan
Safety & modifications for training
Tools & tips for common symptoms
Education & support 
for understanding your needs & potential while pregnant
How to access resources often over looked
Personal growth & spiritual healing support
Improved knowledge & self-advocacy in the medical system

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