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You would never be able to tell...

I used to be a mess.

Pill Popper
Cyclical Depression
Self Hate
Work Place Conflicts
Toxic Relationships
Assault Victim
Run Away
No Boundaries
Rage Problems
Disordered Eating
Shall I go on...?
Me & Rock Bottom were real tight friends.
When I finally decided to start my recovery journey - it was not pleasant.  I spent a few more years uncovering more about what was wrong with me than I spent healing or getting better.  All of the research told me that I could be doing this abuse recovery 'work' for the rest of my life. 
It sounded like a death sentence.  
I thought "I can't do this forever.  I'm NOT going to struggle for the rest of my life."
I needed a system that ensured success - in a reasonable time line.  I needed to KNOW I was going to get over my damage.
Since I wasn't finding a system - I decided to make one.
This is how
Pretty Aggressive
was born.

It started with writing  a book...

Then I started Life Coaching...

Then I became a Certified Personal Trainer...

Then I became a Certified Nutrition Coach...

Then I became a Certified
Transformation Specialist.

Because helping people develop the
life skills, tools & coping mechanisms to
get over their damage, create massive, sustainable shifts &
optimize their mind, body & soul
is my life's passion.


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