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Mental Health
Directly Related
to your

Physical Health.

I have used fitness, training & movement to build mind management & spiritual growth for 2 decades.  What people don't realize is the best way to build your body is to learn how to conquer your mind - and vise versa.

Our spiritual health & positive self worth have a direct impact on our physical health.

Trauma Informed - Resiliency Focused
Personal Training

My name is Julia & I have a broad range of certifications piled on top of life experience.

(Read my story & find my credentials here.)


Why does this matter?

Because I mix the 2 so I can approach every single one of my clients in a trauma informed way while we build your training program to reach your unique, personal goals.

I train people how to rebuild their minds & their lives through physical training after suffering from adverse childhood experiences.  This includes: abuse, toxic parenting, low-nurture environments and unhealthy bonding.

Somatic Healing & Power

When training & diets & therapy just aren't working...

You've tried so many things over the years, for different issues.  

You go through cycles of depression & weight gain.  Your anxiety & health continuously get out of control.  You battle low self worth or low self esteem.  You constantly burn your relationships and opportunities.  You struggle with substance abuse and addictive behavior.

You find yourself hitting rock bottom, once again, and have to rebuild your life - again.

You attend talk therapy, dig into your childhood, do EMDR therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy or just basic counseling. 


Or its diets, boot camps, food cleanses, naturopaths, yoga classes, medical doctors, physiotherapists - the list goes on. After a few weeks or a few months of sessions, we get back on our feet - we feel 'good enough.'

Or go on meds.  Or just give up.


Did you know these are all behavioral patterns from multigenerational abuse?

Did you know you can break the legacy?

What if I told you there was a way to systemize building resiliency after being raised with abuse?

Yoga by the Ocean

What if you could train & heal your mind & body at the same time?

The truth is you can.


When we train our bodies, we can measure & record the change.

Pounds Lost.   Inches Gone.   Strength gained. 

We can compare one day to the next. 


We can also do this with our emotional growth.

 Recovery - Spiritual Evolution- Healing

We can measure this one day to the next.​

Within Pretty Aggressive Training

Programs You Will Learn

  • Somatic Body Pain & Healing

  • Where we Hold Trauma

  • Integrated Physical & Spiritual Strength Training

  • Accountability & Commitment building

  • A program that suits your passions & goals

  • Core Resiliency Skills for long term success

Pretty Aggressive

In Person Training

4 Sessions

6 Sessions

10 Sessions

$280.  CAD


$390.  CAD


$600.  CAD



An initial 1 hour session focused on assessment, needs & building your unique program

Following sessions are used to keep you on track, teach accountability, keep you motivated & make adjustments so your personal program grows with you

All sessions include emotional & spiritual development through resiliency coaching

All delivered with the knowledge of a Certified Personal Trainer at your side so your physical strength builds with your mental development & healing

Pretty Aggressive

Virtual Training

Program Set Up


$119.  CAD


$200. CAD



1 hour insight coaching session focused on uncovering mental obstacles & setting goals/commitments

A full weekly program build as direct or diverse as your needs require


Weekly 25 minute check ins for adjustments, motivation, problem solving & resiliency building

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