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Green Goodness

What is your struggle?

Weight Loss


Brain Fog

Cardiovascular Issues

Strength Building

Disordered Eating

Night Snacking

Body Dysmorphia

Low Energy



Chronic Pain

My Story...

From being malnourished in childhood to biohacking & becoming healthier every year....

Through high school & into my 20s I struggled with symptoms presenting as bipolar along with anemia, inability to lose weight, sleep problems, crippling inflammation & 3 types of disordered eating. Since then I have trained for provincial boxing in my 30s, blown past a 10 minute mile, done alpine hikes in record time, biohacked through cyclical depression & anxiety & become healthier with each of my 3 pregnancies (with more planned!)

I have become obsessed with the latest research on how nutrition can alter our emotional state, optimize physical performance, reverse injuries & disease, increase our health span (not just our life span!) & even change how our genetics express themselves (epigenetics.) 

Food is not just 'fuel.' Its information. We can change the story our bodies are writing just by changing how we eat.

I run my body like a science lab - trying and experimenting with new things all the time. It's not about finding 'the best diet.' It's about finding what suits each & every individual based on our goals, lifestyle, resource access & educating ourselves so we have the tools to make powerful, informed choices that improve our lives.

Diets Are Not The Answer.


Nutrition Progam

In 3 Months
You Can
 Learn How To

Set realistic goals
Commit to your habit changes
Set up your environment for success
Overcome toxic eating behavior
Overcome predisposed family health issues

Listen to your body & create a life long nutrition plan for YOU
Build personal accountability
Problem solve through limiting beliefs
Biohack past injuries & ailments

Let go of self sabotage that's been holding you back for years
Apply your nutrition coaching to ALL areas of your life
Practice the tools & skills that will help you reach ANY goal you set 
Peppermint Leaves

Program Cost


Minimum 3 Month Commitment

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