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What's Your Daily Battle?

Your Habits Become Your Behavior.

Your Behavior Becomes Who You Are.

Let Go of Regret

STOP Obsessing About the Negative

Silence the Damaging Self Talk

STOP Blaming; everything & everyone

Replace Toxic Addictions

Let Go of Being Vulnerable

STOP Sabotaging Relationships

STOP the 'No Growth' Cycle

Let Go of Unhelpful Blueprints

STOP Holding Resentment

STOP Abusing Your Own Boundaries

Let Go of Toxic Relationships


Are you ready to get aggressive about changing your life?

Julia's approach to Life Coaching makes sure to help you build all of the areas of Resiliency that need care & attention after being raised in a low-nurture, toxic or abusive upbringing.

One-on-one life coaching by phone/skype/facetime/zoom.
Once a week on a preset schedule that works for you.

You Will Practice These Tools.
You Will Learn These Tools.

  • Develop Fluid Acceptance; of who you were, who you are, & who you can be

  • Learn to focus on Growth Style Knowledge

  • Take Ownership of Your Internal Voice

  • Create Accountability for Your Actions

  • Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms

  • Cut Out Toxicity to Heal

  • Learn to Repair Conflict

  • Force Transformation from Insight

  • Trust in the Majority; let go of self doubt & anxiety (Reality Engineering)

  • Make your own core values for Forgiveness

  • Forge Extreme Boundaries

  • Redesign Your Vulnerability as Courage & Connection

These are the main tools that people raised with abusive, toxic, poorly bonded parenting & low nurturing - missed out on.

Every week, you & Coach Julia have a session.

Every week you come ready to rewire your mind.

This is how you Learn to Thrive.
Because Simply Surviving is 

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