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My Parenting Manifesto

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

I am my child’s primary guru & guide to becoming a person who can thrive.

I am responsible for helping her find & develop the tools to collect knowledge, then apply it in effective ways; to be intelligent. I am ground zero for her emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, social, and self awareness development. I must continue to grow and collect tools for thriving in life in order to both set an example as well as identify, label and offer back to her what is possible. I will not be her only source for these things in life. But I am the most constant & trustworthy caregiver she will have to consistently help her collect then reassess the information she collects from the world around her. As she matures, ages and crosses life’s big picture milestones, I am responsible for acquiring new and more advanced tools as a parent to offer at each stage. Stunted growth and development as a parent and person, on my part, will in turn create obstacles in her development.

I will continue to learn, collect tools and find new & more effective ways to apply them in life.

I will continuously share my knowledge & tools with her.

I will consistently support her exploration of this knowledge and these tools.

I will continue to focus on the goal of creating a person who has the ability to thrive.

I cannot provide my child ‘the best’ environment - But I can offer her one that is more than adequate, with opportunity for improvement.

I cannot provide my child ‘the best’ education - But I can offer her the idea that she can educate herself about anything to whatever depths and heights she chooses.

I cannot provide my child with ‘the best’ resources - But I can offer her all of the ones we can reasonably access while supporting the mentality of abundance.

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