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Loaded For Bear

I heard a really great turn of phrase this weekend: Loaded for Bear.

This means: "To be fully prepared for any eventuality, especially a confrontation or challenge." Or "Thoroughly equipped, as for a demanding confrontation."

I immediately loved it - because it's how I like to run my life. I want to make one thing clear though - our most frequent confrontations & challenges are truly with our own self. Although being prepared for the outside forces of the world, (other people's bullshit, nature, work, trying to find adequate latte, etc) it is most important that we realize those things only become challenging when we are unprepared in managing ourselves.

Training my body has been a process of building both strength and endurance in a number of different physical aspects. Now, at almost 31 years old and a mother; my body is more powerful, more capable and better looking than ever before.

Training my mind had been a process of building self discipline, self worth, patience and learning where I do and do not have control. This has created both Fluid Acceptance as well as Extreme Ownership for where I'm at. I have come from a dark past of addiction, self hate, anxiety and blame - which is so far from who I am now that I sometimes forget how shitty my life used to feel. I no long 'identify' or feel a sense of familiarity with my past self.

Training my soul & spirit has been a process of building self awareness, integrity & living more and more days with positive intentions. In other 'woo-woo' words: I live in alignment with my genuine self. I used to be an extremely fragmented person, never knowing myself completely, never sharing myself completely with anyone. I constantly felt uncomfortable, lost and like I was a fraud in my own skin. I now experience daily reassurance that I walk my true path - and can easily recognize the signals that tell me when I'm off course.

This is why I'm so dedicated to being trained in helping my clients build in all of these areas of their lives. The only current adequate training for being a Recovery Coach is to be living beyond your damage. This means more than graduating from the School of Hard Knocks (as people call it.) It's going on to getting your Masters of Letting that Shit Go; then learning to build forward. This is mental and spiritual growth.

I have now become a Certified Personal Trainer and I am currently studying for my exams for becoming a Certified Nutritionist. This is to have background training to help any and all of my clients understand the mind, spirit, body connection that needs to happen for holistic health. I have been using physical training & nutrition to aid in my emotional health for 2 decades and I want to confidently teach my clients to do the same for the rest of their lives.

I work hard every day to be fully Loaded for Bear in my own life. Now I'm becoming Loaded for Bear as a coach and as a business woman. Put out into the world what you wish to see.

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