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What if you could
Train Your Mind...

The way we Train

Our Bodies?

The Truth is...

You Can.

When we train our bodies, we can measure and record the change.


Pounds Lost.   Inches Gone.   Strength gained. 

We can compare one day to the next. 

We can prove increased power and growth.


But what about our minds?  What about our emotional growth?


 Recovery - Spiritual Evolution- Healing

How do we measure this? 

How can we record our increased power and strength...

In our Minds & Hearts?

Biomechanics are the mechanics of the body and how it works or functions.

Psychology is how the mind works or functions. 


This is our emotional mechanics.

And we can change them.  We can rewire them. 


We can rebuild our minds after abuse & trauma.

This is what I do. 


My name is Julia and I developed

Pretty Aggressive Recovery Coaching

to train people how to rebuild their minds and their lives after suffering from adverse childhood experiences.  This includes: abuse, toxic parenting, low-nurture environments and unhealthy bonding.

When therapy isn't working...


We've gone so many times over the years, for different issues.  

You go through cycles of depression.

Your anxiety continuously gets out of control.

You battle low self worth or low self esteem.

You constantly burn your relationships and opportunities.

You struggle with substance abuse and addictive behavior.

You find yourself hitting rock bottom, once again, and have to rebuild your life - again.


We attend talk therapy, dig into our childhood, do EMDR therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy or just basic counseling.  After a few weeks or a few months of sessions, we get back on our feet - we feel 'good enough.'

Or go on meds.

Or just give up.


Did you know these are all behavioral patterns from transgenerational abuse?

Did you know you can break the cycle and change your legacy?

What if I told you there was a way to systemize building resiliency after being raised with abuse?
I will show you how to get
about Living 
Beyond your Damage.
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